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Payroll & Management Services

A division of Richard Rust, CPA, P.A.

Based in Jacksonville, FL. Serving businesses nationwide.

Having problems with:

  • Payroll assigned to clerks who don’t know the bigger tax picture?
  • Your point of contact changing on you?
  • Being penalized for your payroll company’s mistake?
  • Not being able to reach your payroll clerk quickly or dealing with someone overseas?

At Richard Rust CPA P.A., we strive to make your payroll as smooth and accurate as possible. We understand the needs of having a dependable and consistent operating practice in place to process your payroll.

  • We are readily available with just a quick phone call, text or email.
  • Our accountants have been with us for a long time and there is minimal turnover.
  • We use personnel trained in all aspects of business tax.
  • We double check our work.

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More reasons to consider our payroll solutions:

We offer a customized payroll solution to meet your unique set of circumstances. Our payroll solutions are flexible and easy to access no matter where you are and at any time of the day or night.

We take pride in creating a system that fits the needs of each individual client and you can rest easy knowing that our automated payroll solutions are always guaranteed to be in compliance with all legal requirements.

Setting up an automated payroll solution with Richard Rust, CPA, P.A.'s accountants will save you time so that you can better focus on achieving your strategic business goals.

  • The system is easy to set up and requires only basic information.
  • Once the system is up and running to your specifications, your payroll is automated and delivered with little effort.
  • You will have a consistent point of contact and quick answers to any questions with knowledgeable accountants.
  • It can accommodate multiple locations, pay types, pay deductions and payroll schedules.
  • You have access to a multitude of reports and electronic filing services.
  • You will be able to accurately keep track of sick time, vacation and overtime accruals.
  • Check printing is made easy from our printer or yours.
  • Employees can easily access their paystubs on a secure web portal.
  • Benefit from 401 (K) administration, workers comp, garnishments and record maintenance.

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